Jose Javier Gonzalez Ortiz

  • PhD Student, MIT

I am a Research Scientist at MosaicML DataBricks. I recently graduated from my PhD in Computer Science at MIT CSAIL where I worked with John Guttag and Adrian Dalca. I am currently working on improving Large Language Model (LLM) pretraining and fine-tuning, and I am interested in building multi modal and adaptable foundational models.
During my PhD I worked in efficient deep learning methods, and for my thesis I focused on learning reconfigurable vision models, where multiple tasks are learned jointly in an amortized way. We achieved this using techniques such as hypernetworks and in-context learning. Previously, I’ve worked on asynchronous large-scale distributed training and neural network pruning methods.
At MIT, I co-organized Missing Semester, a lecture series on programmer tools often left untaught in modern CS curriculums. During my PhD, I interned at Facebook AI Research and Microsoft Research. Before joining MIT, I received a BSc in Telematics Engineering from ICAI in Spain, and interned at CERN Openlab.

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